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Isabelle came back to the cabin, bundled in layer upon layer of now very hot clothing as the sun hung low in the sky.  Yes, it was Alaska in March, but a full day of skiing left her body feel as hot and red as the hair on her head.  Besides, she always like the cold more, so burning up like this was never ideal.  The moment she closed the door, the goose down and wool cascaded to the floor.

“Anna? I’m back,” she loudly proclaimed to the large living room with crackling fireplace.  Every Spring Break for the past six years since Annabelle started college the two had been going to ski resorts to party, hang out, and just generally get away.  Now with Isabelle starting college, she hoped to pick somewhere warmer like Las Vegas or Padre Island to shake things up, but no.  Big sister just had to insist they go to somewhere cold again, using all of her stage performance to sway their parents on where to send the check.

Stepping out of the heap of cloth in just her purple turtleneck and pants, she began searching around for her.  That morning Anna had refused to get out of bed, but said she would have some fun games for them when she got back.  Still a kid at heart around her sister, Isabelle had been looking forward to it all day, even feeling extra playful.  Until she flopped on the couch to find a hastily scrawled note on the coffee table.


Going out with friends; potential big break.  Leftovers in fridge.  See you late tonight.


Well, one mystery solved.  But now the poor redhead was at a loss of what to do.  The sun had already set and she didn’t feel much like going to the town, but she was too jittery to just sit down and relax.

Bored, she hopped up and went to the bedroom.  Each girl had a side and it was clear which one belonged to who, Annabelle’s all neatly arranged and organized while Isabelle’s was chaos with piles of clothes just strewn about haphazardly.  Rummaging through her backpack to find a book or drawing pad or some form of escapist alleviation, she glanced over to her sister’s side.  Her head titled a little though when she noticed that the right side of the clothes still neatly folded in her suitcase seemed to have a large bump.

Intrigued as to what this anomaly could possibly be, she slid over to investigate.  Her hand met a hard resistance when she reached out to touch it, only piquing her curiosity further.  A firm push resulted in a sloshing sound.  With a knowing smirk, she slipped under the clothes and pulled out an opened but barely touched handle of vodka.  Isabelle licked her lips.  Her sister did like to carry something strong with her on these trips; she even let her younger sibling have some from time to time, quickly building her palate for the harsh drink.  With a deep pop, she opening the bottle and started tilting it back to take a swig, when another unusual sight caught her eye.  Seemed that under the bottle was the hint of a white and black-spotted cloth.  Lowering the drink back down, she started rummaging again to reveal what it was.  And when she did, a mischievous little thought crossed her mind…


Hastily opening and closing the door, Isabelle rushed on her tip-toes to the fence behind the cabins’ area.  In stark contrast to when she entered her cabin, she was now in almost nothing.  Just a white ushanka on her head that her sister bought her last time they visited here and a snow leopard print bikini, stretched out from her bigger sister’s use.  While her hips narrowly kept the bottoms from slipping off, even her incredible bust couldn’t fill the top, with extra fabric billowing as the wind picked up to show off every freckle on the top of her chest.  In quick time she reached the fence door and slipped through to her destination – the resort’s late-night Jacuzzi.

Grinning from ear to ear, she opened the bottle of vodka she had brought with her and poured a victory shot.  She brought the piercing drink to her nose and inhaled deeply before slipping into the hot water.  The rapid bubbles hit her smooth leg, coupling with the heat to form a soothing massage.  The redhead melted into the tub, sliding her back gracefully down the sides until all but her head and hand was submerged.

With a sigh, she took a sip from the shot glass, skimming off the just the top.  Burning warmth trickled down her throat, radiating through her heart and chest.  She gave off a little chuckle as she felt herself relax and let the bubbles take her cares away.

Several minutes of bliss passed until a shaking click was heard.  Instinctively, Isabelle shot up in the tub and tossed the remaining half of her drink into the snow behind her.  On the opposite side, the door in the fence opened up to reveal a guy about her age.  From his short brown hair, bit of a scruffy beard, and a chiseled jawline, she couldn’t help but be fixated.  He started unzipping his bulky coat before he noticed the pair of eyes.

“Oh!  Didn’t expect someone else to be here.  Can I join?”

Isabelle felt the blood rush to her cheeks.  A cute guy talking to her?  “Sure…” she said breathily.

With a friendly smile, he pulled off his coat to reveal a fairly fit and firm body.  Her blush deepened at the sight as he moved into the tub opposite of her.  “I haven’t seen you around before.  Where are you from?”

“Hm?” she murmured, still distracted by his looks.  “Oh, uh, New Mexico.”

“That’s cool.  Never been that far south before.”

“It’s great… like your bod…” she half-consciously purred.

Either he didn’t hear or chose to ignore her last comment.  He pointed behind her.  “What’s that behind you?”

Her reverie snapped, she glanced back to see the neck of the vodka bottle clearly visible from behind her hat.  Her red cheeks began to lose their color as the potential ramifications for underage drinking hit her.  But, there was little she could do about it.  “It’s… um… booze…”

“Awesome!  Can I have some?”

Still uncertain, she handed him the bottle.  The hunk took a swig and passed it back to her.  “Vodka and hot tub… that’s a brilliant idea!  Why didn’t I think of that?”

With that comment, Isabelle knew she could relax again.  He was just a guy; a very hot guy alone with her.  “Yeah… yeah, it’s a great idea, isn’t it!” she proclaimed as her body eased and she took a big draught, choking slightly from too much at once.

They carried on in this manner, passing the bottle back and forth, talking about random, inconsequential things.  She was really enjoying the attention.  Distracted by school work as she was, she hadn’t actually dated anyone since high school.  Maybe it was the increasing amounts of alcohol in her body, maybe it was because her sister always got the guy’s attention when they were together and she wanted some for just herself, maybe it was just that she wanted to have some fun, but as the hour waned she felt herself scooting a little closer to him.  Occasionally, she’d do something coy or flirty, biting her lip, twisting her hair, slowly tracing her finger along the fabric of her bikini top.  Half empty bottle to her lips, she started turning the conversation to a little more personal questions.

“So… you married or anything?”


“Girlfriend or special lady?”


“Uh… boyfriend, maybe?”

He chuckled a little.  “Of course not.  I like… voluptuous redhead ladies.”

It was too much for her and she made her move.  Pressing her cleavage right into his arm, her lips a hairsbreadth away from his ear, she whispered, “Well, here’s one for you.”  Tossing the bottle aside, she reached for his hands underwater and brought them to her breasts.  Even as foggy as her mind was from the vodka, she knew that these bad girls will get him going.

“Wow…” he said, speechless for the first time that night, only able to squeeze his fingers down.  “You really fill that out!”

Confused by his statement, she blinked and looked down.  The once loose fabric now looked like actual snow leopard skin over her breasts.  A goodly amount of boob pressed out from behind the top, showing off even more of her freckles than before.  She was frozen in the heated water, unable to comprehend the unexpected change to her chest.  Only when the guy pulled her face in for a kiss did she remember what was going on.

Her eyes popped when she first realized his lips were on hers, but soon she relaxed into his grip.  One of his hands slipped down her body to her full ass.  With his squeeze, she gave an involuntary push back, her heels hitting what she thought was a low step.  She let him lead the moment, her chest slowly throbbing, presumably from the palpations of her over excited heart.

As the kiss lingered, she felt her body slide further and further down his own.  Her feet still gripping, the step, she readjusted, straddling and gripping his hefty, firm package.  He smirked and cupped her ass, marveling at the feeling of extra tight cloth over a soft rump.  She pushed her tight hat up her head and bent down to kiss him again…

Wait, down?  Was he supposed to be that far away now that she was on top?  He didn’t seem shorter than her before getting into the hot tub…

A slippery hand made a move under her top.  Snapping back to the moment, she slapped it away.  “Oh no,” she said, pressing against him, giving his ear a playful nip.  “Allow me…”  Moaning, biting her lip seductively, she raised herself up out of the water, the surface dropping down to his shorts.  Stretching, arching her back as the water cascaded off, she squeezed her ripe melons, trying and failing to play with the non-existent loose fabric.  Her eyes fluttered down at him through a booze-addled haze...

Why was his head level with her knees?  And why was the waterline at least four inches lower than the salt ring?

It was only now that Isabelle realized what was happening.  The extra weight on her chest and backside, the odd water, the bikini fit to burst… she was growing!  Her normally thin body and modest curves had at least doubled in size to rival any 40’s pin-up.  Wide, sumptuous hips with the string deeply imbedded in their light freckles; voluptuous and trim legs and arms with a tight tummy to accentuate her new hourglass best; heaving breasts, once C’s loose in the snow leopard, now resembled soccer balls with the white and black spots, at least where there was still fabric to cover them.  Her hat was perched precariously upon her orangey red hair, far too small to actually fit.  And her height… she was already tall for a girl being just under six feet, but now her forehead was at the same level as a basketball hoop.

The guy was only able to stare at her enormous frame, his face wide with surprise, the only thought being that she didn’t seem to be that big when he got there.  Her face was stiff in horror, blood rushing to her cheeks to make them beet red.  She was in a panic but unable to know what to do next.  Then, in an instant, something in her mind clicked.


She spun around trying to run away from the embarrassing scene.  Water splashed and sloshed out of the Jacuzzi as her massive feet moved.  He reached out an arm to try and stop her, but such a gesture was not needed.  With a clumsy slip and a stub of her toe on a step, she fell forward.  With a yell and flailing arms, legs being used as a fulcrum on the lip, her body crashed face-first into the nearby snow drift.

Wading through the tub, the guy reached her forlorn foot.  Unable to comprehend what was happening any better than her right now, he prodded her heel.  “Uhhh… you okay?” he finally managed to get out, looking over the edge to her body.

A perfect feminine-size hole had been made in the drift from her head to her knees.  After a brief moment where she seemed unable to move, an arm reached out, steaming from the heat of her body going into the cold snow.  Slowly, the rest of her appeared and she flipped over to look at him with a face of pure crimson.  Clumps of snow were all over her giant form, melting and slipping down her freckled shoulders and bosom.

“I… what’s…”  She looked up to the guy, wide eyed and slack-jawed with a major bulge in his shorts.  This embarrassing look made her more than a little irritated.  “Going to just gawk all day?”

“She’s growing again…” she could hear him whisper.

And indeed, when Isabelle looked down, her chest was visibly growing out, the strings digging painfully into the sides of her boobs.  Her tush seemed to be pushing more and more of the snow bank away, and ever so slowly she could feel her back raising her to eye-level with the guy.

Now able to pause and soak in her predicament, she finally sensed the tingling everywhere the snow touched her body.  So focused on the moment, so tipsy from the booze, she hadn’t noticed the sensation all over her body.  But now she could feel, every snowflake thawing on her body, and every resulting drop sliding into her skin, and every molecule of water making her a little bit bigger.

She bit her lip.  Partially from the pain of the swimsuit digging into her ever growing body, partially because she was unable to see a way out of what was happening, and, to a small extent, because she was aroused by it.

Before long, her hips were twice their original size, almost half the length of the hot tub itself.  Her ever shapely legs had grown out so much that her feet were actually back in the water.  More and more of the snow drift seemed to vanish as every part of her expanded, but nowhere was it more visible than on her top.  In the still winter night, one could almost hear the strings of the bikini creak in agony trying to preserve her modesty.

Isabelle wasn’t sure why, but she had resigned herself to continued expansion for the rest of the night, a weird freak of nature turning into a giant, no doubt to later terrorize the village now that she was twice the height of anyone.  Her sister’s bikini was more than a little ruined by the snowman-sized boobs, and that poor guy she was fliting with… what must he be thinking of her?  But when she looked up, she realized the bulge in his shorts sure wasn’t shrinking.  In fact, it may very well be growing as well.  This gave her a new naughty idea.

“Get me the bottle.”

Almost instantly the remaining half of the vodka was in front of her.  Looking over the glass for a moment, she took a swig, draining the contents in one fell swoop.  As the last went down her throat, she took a massive breath, puffing out her bosom towards the guy.  With a clench, the last of the string had finally given away, sending the top flying.  Now, heavy, pendulous tits, bounced and hung freely on her chest.  Her milky white flesh, accented with freckles over her cleavage, was absolutely massive now, each larger than her own giant head.  Dark pink areola the size of a palm was on the ends, crowned by a hard, fat nipple.

She smiled seductively through a veil of long, orangey hair at the guy with her top resting on his head.  “Like what you see, big boy?” she teased at him.  He violently nodded his head, causing her to lean back against the suddenly cracking fence and spread her legs.  The bottoms were holding on still, but it was clear they were in a losing battle.  Nothing was left to the imagination, judging by the way her very aroused pussy could be seen through the cloth.  She lifted one of her huge feet and brushed the side of his face.  “Why don’t you come over here and prove it?” she asked, biting a finger coyly for emphasis.
Hope everyone is having a good holiday season. To help you get into the festive mood we have this amazing short story about Isabelle's (the girl who grows in water) first time that her growth abilities kicked in. Lets just say it involves a hottub in a ski resort, a snow leopard print bikini, and a cute guy. There are four images from this story being drawn as we speak and holiday pin ups of Isabelle are currently live on the Patreon:…

Enjoy the short and Happy Holidays from Just Add Water,

Jeff Lar
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For very important legal reason ;)
firefightandothers Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017
Fair enough lol! Though it's not very logical.
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